WOW Kids Foundation Sticker Fundraiser

Campaign Created by: Kelli Napp / Church City Inc

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Goal: USD $5,000
Raised: USD $ 57
Help Us Help Children DO GOOD WORKS!
With a minimum contribution of $19 - we will send to you a WOW Kids Foundation vinyl sticker* & a personal invitation to our WOW Kids Foundation launch party!

Ready for some GOOD NEWS delivered by Children?!  

Children are God's Masterpiece & they are ready, willing & able to do GOOD WORKS that God planned for them to do long ago! (Ephesians 2:10)

Children are incredible, creative problem-solvers & we are looking forward to empowering them with encouragement, guidance & resources so they can become world improvers by doing Good Works that solve all kinds of people problems.

The idea for the WOW Kids Foundation emerged from the Napp family's deep desire to provide God's solutions to world problems. We decided to establish a foundation that invites others to join us in this fun adventure!

In prayer for the WOW Kids Foundation, God has stressed to us, "It's all about people. Start with the children." This God-given directive helped us design a foundation with a unique structure that maximizes the strengths of the older & younger generations who will work together to seek, select & solve people problems at home & around the world.

With the help of Church City Inc, we are working on establishing this foundation as a 501c3 non-profit.  We are also deep into the planning stages for developing grant & scholarship contests & creative, fun promotions that empower children to join their resources with at least 1 million other children to solve people problems of all shapes & sizes! 

We need your help to get this foundation established. We invite you to join us & help make possible a variety of opportunities for children that increase empathy & appreciation, inspire innovation, ignite ideas, invite invention & induce improvements for people everywhere!

For more information about this exciting new adventure - please visit

*Vinyl stickers & launch party invitations will be mailed in September 2021 (with a minimum $19 donation)



Happy Birthday to Me
June 29, 2021
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Greetings Friends & Family,
I decided to celebrate my birthday (July 9) this year by introducing you to something that has been on my heart for a very long time!  In the aftermath of the pandemic, everyone I know has been re-evaluating life & trading their daily life busy routines for a renewed determination to discover & live out their God-given life purpose!

Pursuing my God-given life purpose is why I am taking the risk NOW to build a Nonprofit Foundation that empowers children to do good works that solve people problems. 

And I'm inviting you all to join me on this exciting endeavor!

How can you join me? I am asking you (263 of my friends) to donate $19 to my foundation-buildling efforts!  I have a solid plan in place & I'm already taking steps to achieving it, but my goal is to invite as many people as possible to join in the fun!  

Will you join me? 
Thanks for trusting me with your donation & getting in on the ground floor of the WOW Kids Foundation!  More fun things, good news & good works by children to come.....


  • Please pray about joining our Intercessory Board! Contact Kelli for more info!