Women’s Health Services, Inc. is a nonprofit organization created to provide mobile ultrasound medical clinic services to underserved and unserved women in Alabama and Georgia. This custom-built vehicle, designed to medical clinic specifications, allows our trained staff and certified medical staff to provide ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, and support resources to those who may otherwise go without.

Because a permanent decision should never be made out of fear or pressure, our goal is to remove those obstacles in order to give each woman the ability to make an informed choice. We speak with compassion, not pressure. We want to give each woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy all the information and ensure she has accurate information.

Over 80% of women considering abortion decide to parent AFTER seeing an ultrasound of the baby.

So an ultrasound is critical information every parent deserves if 8 out of 10 women choose to parent after having it.  Knowing the regret and trauma women and men experience after abortion, we at Women's Health Services make it our priority to GO to the parents that feel abortion is their only option.  We give them the support they need to empower them to know that having their child IS AN OPTION!

Knowing the immense gratitude of the moms and dads that thought abortion was their only choice that we spared them the pain of abortion, we know it is imperative that we provide the ultrasound service to as many as possible. Lives are in the balance everyday and making the effort to save the lives of the parents from the pain of abortion and saving the lives of the babies at risk of losing their lives to abortion is our priority at Women's Health Services. Until we raise the funds needed to purchase the mobile ultrasound medical clinic vehicle, we still GO to the women at the Columbus GA abortion clinic to talk to them as they go in for their appointment.  Be assured, the women are met by us in a very loving manner with no judgement or condemnation. However, without an ultrasound to offer them, each week over 25 women are not given the hope and opportunity of having their child and hopelessly abort their child. It is imperative for Women's Health Services to be equipped with the mobile ultrasound medical clinic vehicle as soon as possible! Lives are depending on it!

We incorporated in July, 2020. Filed for tax exempt status in September, 2020. God has led us the entire way and we were able to miraculously make a $100,000 down payment on the $180,000 mobile clinic vehicle by December 2020!! Only God! 
Since that time, God has continued to draw others to Him to support His Mission at WHS and His Followers have now sacrificed giving enough to pay off the entire $180K vehicle and $49,500 toward the Operational Budget. 
Annual Operational Budget is $231,200. We only have $181,000 left to raise! Praise God!! God bas asked me to plant seeds a s water (1 Cor 3:6) but only God moves His people to action. I pray of He is Calling You that you ate brave and respond to be blessed as we are! I would be honored to serve alongside you!
pollyanna@WHSmobile.com  334-221-2211
P. O. Box 2934, Auburn AL 36831