Viva Coffee House has been a hub for those seeking freedom and solace. We've helped and inspired thousands, both locally and around the nation.

We've stood up to tyrants much larger than we are, and Kelly has even gotten arrested to protect civil rights. This year, we created FreedomTalk to help restore truth and virtue to the public square—bringing in Dinesh D'Souza, Ian Smith, Louis Uridel, Dr. Brett Jones,  Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, and others—and launching a stellar new publication.

But as you know, we have been locked down, shut down, persecuted, and harassed by our own government and radical activists who would like to silence us and shut us down. The new vax mandates, inflation, and supply-chain issues continue to severely damage remaining businesses, including ours—just as we were bouncing back from the lockdowns. Because many of our customers are facing job loss, our sales have dropped 30-40%.

We are struggling to catch up on rent and utilities as a destructive ideology continues to systematically destroy Southern AZ. We need to raise at about $20K to catch up: a tall mountain, but maybe not insurmountable.

We have a lot of people to help and the tools to fight back. We can do that most effectively if we are not in "survival mode." Here are a few ways to help Viva continue serving:

*Please consider donating here
*Come into Viva and bring friends!
*Purchase our whole beans at the shop 
*Attend our FreedomTalk Events:
*Shop on our online store:
*Share our social posts with your followers, repost and comment

We will continue to fight for you no matter what, but keeping this gathering place called Viva open brings us together in a time when we need that so much!