Mobility Van for Mom and Dad

Campaign Created by: Paul Overlie

The funds from this campaign will be received by Lisa Overlie.

Goal : USD $40,000
Raised : USD $ 31,554

On February 11, our family was greatly shaken.  Our parents were involved in a plane crash just outside Houston, TX.  We are thankful to God for their miraculous survival!  As we begin planning for their discharge from the hospital to home, we are faced with many new challenges and expenses not covered by insurance.  The biggest of these is a wheelchair accessible van.  The accident left Mom a quadriplegic and Dad working to relearn to walk.  This van is essential for them to get to therapy, medical appointments, and getting out in the community.  New vans like this, average $85,000.

Mom is a strong, loving person who gives 110% in everything she does.  While her current focus is giving her all to inpatient therapy, her true passion, in addition to God and family, is music.  Prior to the accident, she was teaching music at Medina ISD where she was just beginning to bring back the band.  While her passion was music, she felt really accomplished if she helped her students become strong and knowledgeable.  This van will help her stay in touch with those students, who she truly misses.  She is very thankful that her school is continuing her vision.

Dad is a go getter who doesn’t let any challenge get him down.  Prior to the accident, he enjoyed competing in triathlons and that is how he is approaching his therapy.  He compares his therapy sessions to a workout.  It will be awhile before he is back to his previous strength, but he is now able to walk short distances with a walker.  Dad is very thankful to his employer, WellMed, who has not only supported he and Mom through hospital visits, well wishes, and a surprise Birthday party, but have held his position for him during his lengthy hospital stay.

Your donations and prayers are so appreciated as we adapt to a new way of living.


June 23, 2022
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After 4 months Mom and Dad came home this past weekend!  We are so excited for them, but are now entering what may be the hardest part of the journey.  At the hospital, everything was provided, meals, CNA assistance, and showering.  Now, much more of that falls on us.  We are very thankful for Aunt Lynnette and Uncle Dave who drove down from Iowa to help us!  When they saw our need, they agreed to stay an extra week.  Thank you and thanks to all who continue to pray for our transition and recovery.  We definitely feel those prayers!

Almost Home
June 16, 2022
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Thanks for all the prayers, donations, and well wishes!  Last week was an exciting one.  Mom got her trach and feeding tube out!  We had been praying for that for quite a while.  Thanks God!  We also had some visitors from Iowa as Grandpa Overlie and Uncle Greg came down for the week.  We were also blessed with a surprise visit from Uncle Matt.  We’re looking forward to more visitors next week as Aunt Lynnette and Uncle Dave will be visiting next week to help Mom and Dad get settled at home.  They’re planning to be discharged Friday!


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