On August 12, 2017, protesters attempted to demonstrate in favor of a monument to Confederate General Robert E Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia. Despite having secured a permit in federal court, with the help of the ACLU, police were instructed to stand down as far left Antifa and BLM extremists attacked demonstrators on the way into the venue.

The government declared an unlawful assembly, forcing protesters out of the park into a sea of Antifa, attacking demonstrators with improvised flamethrowers, rocks, and sticks.

Despite the outrageous violation of the pro-Lee demonstrators’ civil rights, they were actually sued by a group of wealthy Democrat-connected attorneys who alleged that talk about defending against Antifa attacks was actually a "conspiracy" to attack racial minorities. They also claim that protest organizers "conspired" with the man who drove his car into the crowd despite the fact that law enforcement had searched all his devices and found, not only no conspiracy, but no communication with the organizers AT ALL.

This October the trial is going to court. We need to raise a substantial amount in order to properly defend ourselves against the considerable resources of the opposition. For an idea of the scale, they had raised over $9 million as of a few years ago. That number is likely double that by now. They have expert witnesses and other resources we don't. Nevertheless this is a totally winnable battle but we need your help to make sure their considerable resource advantage doesn't help them sway the jury towards something that is false.

Press Coverage:

VDare - UTR: More Regime Change Narrative, by Jason Kessler

Gateway Pundit - Drone Footage from Charlottesville 2017 Protests Reveals Enormous Extent of Media Lies and Propaganda

The Heaphy Report (Independent Investigation)

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Update #5 - New Filings Ask Judge to Overturn Verdict
May 6, 2022
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This week we've filed two new briefs, one supporting overturning the Sines verdict and he other seeking a drastic reduction in punitive damages from $25 million to only $350,000, as mandated by Virginia law.

Please read the briefs to see the necessary work your valuable donations are supporting and consider giving another donation where you can. Its almost time for the judge to rule on these issues and a major victory may be at hand!

Update #4- Reasons for Optimism in Fighting the Sines Verdict
April 22, 2022
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Some perspective:

The Sines verdict was $26 million with all but $1 million being punitives.

The Virginia punitive cap is $350,000 for the entire action so the total could come down from $26 million to $1,350,000.

Constitutional ratios could bring it down even lower.

This is still more than we could ever pay or will pay but it cuts down substantially on the enemy’s propaganda numbers.

Now if Kessler is able to overturn Count 4 that is really the only subtantial liability he has and there is no evidence to support that verdict.

We could potentially get a resounding victory in Sines during the post-trial motions, making it unnecessary to even file for bankruptcy.

The liability could come down to the price of a used car, leaving us free to focus on our offensive case against Charlottesville

Update #3- Typical Dishonesty by Robert Kaplan & Karen Dunn
April 14, 2022
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Roberta Kaplan & Karen Dunn have responded to our post-trial motion in typically repulsive and dishonest fashion. Take for instance page 15, where they take a quote from a random person and attribute the quote to Kessler to make it look like Kessler told people to tape knives onto flagpoles.

They also claim that Kessler should be held liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars because he "knew the chants during the torch march on August 11, 2017, were offensive to Jewish people". Have these people heard of the First Amendment?

Update #2 - Read Our Post Trial Motion
April 11, 2022
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Take a look at our Post Trial Motion for the Sines case.

We argue that the Virginia rulings should be thrown out. There is no evidence of Mr Kessler saying or doing anything to anyone. Therefore the rulings against him are based only on prejudice towards political speech.

Your donations fund motions like this and its arguments also benefit the defendants who can't afford attorneys.

Please keep donations coming.

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If you want to donate by cash, check, or money order please send to:

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Update #1: The Fight is Not Over!
April 1, 2022
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Although the Sines trial is over we still need your help. That trial ended last November in a mixed verdict. The two signature federal conspiracy claims against Charlottesville protesters were hung but we were found liable under some Virginia statutes.

We have to appeal these outrageous, politically biased verdicts on the Virginia statutes. For instance, Jason Kessler was found liable and ordered to pay over $200,000 to two far-left radicals for “racial violence and harassment” at the August 11 torch protest. This was Count 4 of the lawsuit. But no evidence was presented he touched either of them or said a word to them. Both plaintiffs testified that they didn’t even see him that night.

Overturning this bogus verdict, an assault on Mr Kessler’s political speech, is critical to undermining the legitimacy of the jury’s verdict and exposing their prejudice.


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