This amazing little family I know lost everything in Hurricane Michael in Panama City FL, lived in tents and we're homeless for months after. Found a small place and a storage unit finally they could afford and then COVID 19 happened and they lost the jobs they had and we're denied unemployment and living off ones ssi income and 137$ in food stamps. They have not been able to pay their storage bill in a few months but a little at a time and now it's almost $400 and they are behind on their rent but luckily the landlord has worked with them but storage unit has not. I just want to see them enjoy a Christmas dinner, get their unit paid so they don't lose what little they do have left and use anything else for Christmas or towards their rent. Every little bit helps but the storage unit HAS TO BE PAID IN FULL before the 1st of January or they lose it all for good. Please reach into your hearts and donate ANYTHING YOU POSSIBLY CAN to help this surviving family who has been thru enough. The one young lady has some very bad and scary health issues right now to top it off so they really need and deserve a break. Thank you anyone who helps and GOD BLESS YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!