Tore Maras, ex-clandestine service member, taking her knowledge and skills to a new level, this time working directly for WE THE PEOPLE in an effort to Make America Great Again (MAGA).
Self Motivated, Self Funded and Selflessly devoted to the ideals of our forefathers and dedicated to restoring the blessings provided through faith in the Almighty God.
This call to action is a direct affront to the powers of this world that are trying to thwart and obstruct the efforts of this champion of the people.
They have now started cutting funding options previously used to fund Tore's efforts that are directed by our desires to bring this country back to the American Dream we all believe is possible.
The Globalists, their assorted companies and their minions are trying to shut down our way of life and stunt the growth of the prosperity we have but tasted in a few short years.
When you give to this cause, know that you are giving back to America.....the America we believe in.