I went to volunteer medically to help Ukrainian Refugees in a field hospital in March of this year where we saw about 50 patients per day, but there was very limited personnel and supplies, in fact one night I only got 20 minutes of sleep, but it was worth it all to feel like I was doing some thing. You can see pics on Islita.org I then returned in June to help again with a medical/dental team, I got to know the Todoriko family personally and they have a very special place in my heart as you can see me in the photos I’m in the black Jesus shirt. I love them very much and you can all see why I miss them, I can tell you that they were not only our best translators, but really had the best attitude of everyone. Their whole lives were destroyed and yet they were positive, and always willing to help. They spent every night staying up late singing in the town square to raise money, not for themselves, but for others worse off than them from the Ukraine. They helped with the medical and dental team and stayed all day long pretty much every day. They even tried to help when our clinic was flooded one day in June. The oldest daughter has single-handedly supported the entire family by translating, but unfortunately that job has come to an end, unless they make it to the United States by the end of this month their visas will be expire. And they will not have a chance to come to the United States anymore :-(

I realize that there is just a never ending line of people who need help. but how often do you have a chance to help the family who has lost everything and rebuild their lives in the face of a global crisis? I was happy to volunteer for a few weeks, during the spring and summer, but I wanted to do something more substantial and long-term. 

So I’ve decided to sponsor the Todoriko family, a Ukrainian SDA family of seven, and not only help them all fly to the United States, but also have a place to stay, a car to drive, food to eat, and SDA schools to attend, and really all the support you’d need when you’ve lost everything and you have to learn a adjust to a new country, language and community. 100% of all donations will go directly to that.