Serving the Lord isn't always behind a pulpit

Thugs have continuously monitored and planned for months to kidnap Tiffany Wells, a bratty young star. However, the one person they never saw coming is Terry Spooner.

Terry is a former soldier and mercenary turned seminary student. His past team-leader, Nigel Corbyn convinces him to temporarily work with Ms. Wells' personal security team. Terry reluctantly agrees with one proviso: he will not carry a gun. After the armed thugs' attempt is thwarted single-handedly by Terry, he returns to the seminary. However, Tiffany Wells demands the humble hero come back at any price. 

So, Nigel pitches an offer to Terry. He broods and prays with fellow students over it, wondering if the Lord wants him to do this. Terry relents and agrees.

During a film shoot in Africa, Tiffany is taken captive by some Juluka Tribe members who intend to sell her and other captives in a slave market. Terry must now dash into action and track them down on the African savannah