(Note: Americans Taking Action LLC is not currently a tax-exempt entity.)

I am Damonous, Jesus is my King, you are my family.

Those are words I've been saying since I launched my Christian/conservative YouTube channel, I am Damonous, in November 2016...and I never expected to be saying it so many times and places in 2020 and 2021. I record Weekday Live Prayers at 7a (M--F) on Facebook.com/IamDamonous, since October 2020, and in 2021 I've said the phrase at rallies, protests and in livestreams from the street.

With the insidious attack on personal freedoms and liberty that we've seen in recent times, I've committed everything I have in the pursuit of truth and God's way. While I thought I was 'busy' in spring of 2020, writing Daily Prayers on Facebook and sharing news stories in inventive ways to avoid censorship, I didn't hardly know what 'busy' really was until this year. If I'm not curating or creating online conservative content, then I'm likely on the road to some event or protest across the State of Ohio (sometimes 2 or 3 in a day), all around actually working a day job, too.

In Feb 2020, I 'dusted off' an organization name I originally used on handbills akin to tracts in the 1990's, and made official that name as "Americans Taking Action LLC". I knew I wanted to make some websites associated with that, but timing and finding the right authoring platform took some time...but God always provides the BEST way.  Since July/August 2020, the sites ImpeachDeWine.net, AmericansTakingAction.com and ChurchOfTheExempted.org and related URL variants have gone live.

Why am I asking for donations?  --Well, all this evangelism and politicking for freedom takes its financial toll. Buying domain names. Filling-up the gas tank and driving for 2.5 hours to Columbus or some other part of the State, not to mention wear on the vehicle, takes its toll.  Burning days of vacation just to go attend or run a protest against all the tyrannical C-19 mandates, leaves me exposed if something happens with my current employment.  I'll fight for you; I've proven that I DO fight for you, and for our Lord & Savior.  The evidence of that is easy to find online on my Facebook page, or Gab, MeWe, Gettr, Minds, Twitter or Parler where I replicate my content.

We Christian Patriots tend to be a disorganized bunch, when it comes to organizing and funding our causes. If you donate just a little, it will ensure that I can sustain my activities at the level I've been doing. If you donate a lot, it will allow me to promote the websites, and (especially) build the Church of the Exempted.  While it was begun for obvious reasons, with many needing help writing or having an ordained minister like myself sign a Religious Exemption form, I believe that the Lord has more in store for what I've begun. When the idea and name occurred to me, based on a friend asking me, "Are you a religious leader?" (the requirement her employer needed for such a letter)...I can tell you how awestruck I was that no Church of God ANYWHERE had ever taken the URL "ChurchOfTheExempted", "ChurchOfTheExempt", or even "TheExempted". 

What you do now, out of your heart and your free will, will show to us what God truly has in store. I don't know if I'm the best person to carry this load, but I'm willing to try, and to go forth and do whatever the Lord's will is. I could envision a future where the Church of the Exempted holds and promotes Christian conferences and unusual inner city outreaches. I'd love to take the Word and Faith of the Lord in grand ways into places people normally leave behind.

Thank you for your time, for your concerns, for your prayers, and may God bless you indeed.
In Jesus' name, amen.

Rev. Damon M Appel
"I am Damonous"

Every great Patriot has a pseudonym.