Welcome to The Ecclesia! Together we will dive into the depths of the most popular book ever written. In it we will discover astounding revelations that will change the way we see everything around us. Through its transformative power, we will begin to grasp what it means to be human. The plan of our Creator will be unfolded and our destinies will be unlocked forever.

My goal is to raise enough funds to purchase an excellent video editing laptop and other peripherals to be able to give the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in a quality way. With your support and prayers, I will be teaching, encouraging and loving people into the Kingdom. It is what God has placed on my heart to do. 

I am starting a YouTube channel where I envision reaching thousands of people with the Word of God. I will have a Patreon account as well for those who wish to donate a dollar amount monthly.

To Jesus Christ be the Kingdom the power the glory forever and ever, amen.