Bring Christmas to Thailand 2015

There is a country of 67 million people where missionaries has been hard at work for about 200 years. Yet, 99% of the population do not know Jesus. This country is THAILAND.

Help us introduce the meaning of Christmas to Thai Buddhists. THAI WORD is a Christian nonprofit organization that develops free Christian liturature designed especially for Thai people who are not familiar with the message of Christianity.

Christmas Evangelism

In 2015, THAI WORD is printing 8,500 copies of a special edition of the Gospel of Luke called "Prince of Peace" especially designed for evangelism during Christmas season. We are giving all of these out to Thai churches and Christian groups that want to do Christmas evangelism, ABSOLUTELY FREE to them.

We are hoping that Christians in America will help fund this project, which costs $20,000 total.  As of mid-November, we have already raised $16,500. We still need $3,500 more to cover the total cost of this wonderful project.

You can make a huge difference! The cost of printing and distributing this book is less than $2.50 per book. You will be encouraging Thai Christians to do evangelism, as well as placing God's Word into Thai homes.

About "Prince of Peace"

Prince of Peace is a special edition of the complete translation of the Gospel of Luke. It was written with inputs from Christian and Buddhist readers. The result is a translation that's easy to read, even by children as young as 8 years old.

With beautiful illustrations, the text is large and easy to the eyes. Helpful information boxes explain Christian concepts that are unfamiliar to Buddhists, as well as showing them how the life and teaching of Jesus can change their lives.

You can donate here at  Or you may donate directly to THAI WORD at--

THAI WORD is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt religious nonprofit organization.


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Update #1
December 14, 2015
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A Call to Prayer!

Update: A small number of books were returned to us. So we were able to send about 50 Prince of Peace books to Hope Behind Bars ministry. Praise the Lord!

Update #2
December 4, 2015
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Pastor Parakit is reaching out to villagers in Nan province this Christmas season. Nan Province has about half a million population, and only 1.79% (8,500) Christians.

Update #3
December 4, 2015
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15 Churches in Chiang Mai is organizing 7 nights Christmas outreach right here in Chiang Mai city.


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