An audio message from Sync with God :  

In a recent Sync with God pilot group one of the Millennials, Filipe, made the following comment, "I felt more freedom and connection online than in person. Talking online is much more convenient and effective for me.”

Do you know someone like Filipe, who feels more comfortable in openly expressing themselves online? Let’s examine a practical scenario.

“Hi John, how about joining me and a few of my friends to study God’s word together on a video call? On your phone or tablet, you make comments after watching videos [Millennial and Gen. Z real-life stories] and reading stuff from the Bible. You can write down what you think on the same site in a private personal journal.”

Before Tuesday’s weekly virtual small group, John click his Sync app icon, logs in, and enters a secure video room to meet in small group. He sees everyone on his screen. Andrew asks, “Did anything stick with you from last week’s lesson? Did you try it out?”

Three days later. . . John needs prayer support because of a work crisis. He opens his app and finds Andrew available. After listening, Andrew prays with John. They both leave hopeful.

During the week, Andrew talks to his work associate, Gary: “We’re studying how to encourage one another. We discuss real-life issues on a regular video call. I know you’re interested in that subject. Would you like to join our small group this coming Tues. night using an interactive app on your phone or tablet?”

Today technology is used to connect all generations. Whether it is Facebook, Snapchat Instagram or texting, the web is now the way a lot of people learn and obtain information. Sync with God leverages technology to spread the Gospel and link Christian generations with one another. Older generations will be sharing their wisdom and faith with Gen. Zs (13-21) and Millennials (22-37) to help them navigate in today’s society. Online communication eliminates the generational barriers and opens the door for everyone to learn about Christ.

Sync’s vision: To enable discipleship friendships between Millennials, Gen Zs and older mentors while building a safe community within Christ.

Sync’s mission: To provide a feasible way for everyone on a faith journey to hear about Jesus while having open dialogue with growing Christians in a supportive and safe virtual environment. Through daily chats, discussion groups, and Bible studies (intended to help educate and train others), we strive to help spread the gospel of Christ, while focusing on Millennials and Gen Zs. (Described in an infographic ebook )

Why Sync with God?
For years my colleagues and I shared our Christian faith face-to-face with significant results! As society entered the digital age millions of people became more comfortable communicating online than in person. The challenge for evangelism has been how to reach the new generations in spreading the Gospel. The Sync team learned from the Barna Group and other research sources that most U.S. churches are struggling to bridge the generation gap and connect with every age bracket, especially teens and twenties! What we discovered is that no all-in-one Christian discipleship app exists with the personal interaction component. That is until now! Click on the link to see the Sync with God app flyer 

Sync’s Millennial staff help to write, edit and create multimedia content for inter-generational discipleship! You and your congregation’s wisdom and experience are needed more than ever! With your assistance we can end the decline of Christian faith in our youth while helping bridge the gap between the lonely and the lost. Sync will offer secure levels of hierarchy to ministries, mission organizations, and for-profit groups to ensure exclusive access to their content.

View Sync app live at
(username: abc123 & password: abc123).
Click “Lessons” tab and view Sync pilot lessons (videos and question boxes). The top tabs: “About”, “My Personal Journal”, and “My Small Groups” (links to video chat rooms) are all operational.

We finished Phase 2 of a five-phase progressive web app build, which included journaling and video chat capability, recognizes small groups users are part of, and five pilot lessons.

We need funding for the next step to integrate video chat, journaling, texting, and screen sharing into a seamless virtual small group experience (Phase 3 @ $30K).

Programming for a “builder” is needed for any subscribing organization to insert content material with permission levels monitored by an administrator (Phase 4 @ $30K).

An improved user experience/ interface, including new features suggested by pilot groups, and video streaming completes the platform (Phase 5 @ $30K).

We are a few months from completion and are looking for financial partners to finalize the Sync with God app. Together, with your help, we can perfect this revolutionary app that transcends age groups and fosters one’s Christian faith. God Bless!