Support for Michael - 17 ribs, Clavicle BROKEN

Campaign Created by: Sherri Lawton

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Goal: USD $6,000
Raised: USD $ 920

Michael is in dire need of our prayers and financial support. He and Megan have been together for 13 years, they started dating after graduating from the same high school. Life has had some speed bumps along the way, as all couples will experience together, but this one will be a long and rough one; physically, mentally, and financially.

On November 28th Michael and Megan were in an accident together- an uninsured motorist turned left in front of their vehicle at an intersection. They were able to walk away from this, thankfully, but their vehicle was totaled. This car was Michael’s labor of love. They worked with their insurance, getting a rental and the settlement agreement- enough to handle the remainder of the loan, but nothing more for a down payment.

On Sunday, December 4 Michael was in another accident- he rolled over multiple times in a convertible car. Michael was wearing his seatbelt but was found unconscious between the dashboard and the windshield. Locals from a bar across the street ran over and pulled him out, performing CPR till paramedics arrived. Michael was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries including breaking 17 ribs, 2 neck cervical bones, right collarbone, cheekbone, and his nose; along with plenty of bruising, road rash, stitches in his forearm, and ripped a part of his ear.

We are all so thankful that he is still with us today.

Michael has been in the ICU unit for nine days and will be transferred to a PCCU due to further complications. Although has already had one surgery, he is expecting a few more in the next few days while battling a pneumonia infection and fluid buildup in his lungs. We’re all learning about his re-habilitation and the long road to his recovery ahead…

Michael has two jobs, but he will not be able to work for several months. Megan started a new job during all of this. It’s no understatement, to say that they will need help to cover their living expenses.

We are asking for prayers for Michael’s recovery and donations to help them get through the next few months, financially. Any amount would be appreciated.


Update #1
January 2, 2023
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I just wanted to give a quick update on my son Michael. He is now home recovering from several injuries. As Michael's mom I am so Thankful he is still with me and our entire family. Megan has been such a trooper and helping Michael and standing by his side. We all spent several hours sitting at Michaels bedside, now Megan isn't just working 2 jobs to try and support the two of them she is also his main care taker. Michael isn't out of the woods yet. He still has a major surgery ahead of him (collar bone). He is at home on IV antibiotics that Megan has to administer, I am back up. Thank you for all the prayers, donations. With the money given we decided it was in Michaels best interest to get him a recliner chair that he can sleep in comfortably. That was about all we could do with the donations. Michael has a long recovery ahead of him. I know times are tough on all of us. If you could share his story I would appreciate it. And again I Thank everyone for their donations, prayers and reaching out to us. Much love❤


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