Pamela Hemphill, a 69 year old with three children and two adult grandchildren, is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. She has just served a sentence of 60 days in federal prison as a result of being convicted of the misdemeanor crime of “picketing and parading” inside the United States capital at the January 6 event. Pamela is a retired substance abuse counselor who has 42 years in recovery from alcoholism, has no prior criminal record and has been serving the Boise community as a respected citizen journalist for the last several years. In fact, Pam captured substantial video footage from the event on January 6th which she wants to use to help those charged. Pam took responsibility for her guilty plea as she broke the law. While incarcerated she underwent a wide array of assaults, adding insult to injury to injury - thousands of dollars was stolen from her checking account.

Pamela Hemphill survived her 45+ days in prison, thankfully, only to return home to find the little bit of resources she had, had been stolen from her. She now wishes to use her platform and voice to help assist other J6ers going through a similar ordeal - and to help prevent them from having to go through the same hardships she did. Please help Pam Hemphill finish paying her legal bills, get caught up on her outstanding bills from her time away, and provide her with travel funds so she can become more active in the Fight for the Truth of January 6th!

Respectfully -

Thank you 🙏🏼 

Randy Ireland on behalf of our great Patriot - MAGA Granny, a.k.a Pam Hemphill