This company will be a software development company focused on developing a realistic MMORPG survival game with realism in mind. You can build bases, claim land with friends, and fight with other survivors, or work with them. 

You will face many threats, everything from bad weather, to starvation, and even wild life will be looking to take your life. If you die, you lose everything. It will affect your experience gained and your experience in the game overall. Loot will not respawn, so in the later days you will have to rely upon crafting trash into treasure, and heavy power tools that once seemed too burdensome to carry in the beginning of the outbreak will mean life or death in the future.

You will be fighting an uphill battle to survive extreme circumstances in the beginning of the outbreak, every place you look to call home will be full of risks and foresight will be an important factor to your survival. Will you choose to be closer to cities, in order to find more readily available supplies, but face more infected and survivors, or will you be out in the country side where civilization was sparse and you have to forage and hunt to survive? Or perhaps you will make your living traveling from place to place and sleeping in your vehicle? These are all important questions. Because gas runs out, prepackaged foods run out, processed foods rot, and power shuts down without people to provide regular maintenance to fuse boxes and generators, that is.

This campaign will go towards the starting paperwork for the LLC papers, building a prototype of inventory concepts, world concepts, and basic combat mechanics and a decent movement system. 

Thank you.