We love Mr. Colin Shoemaker - a dedicated high school English teacher in East Aurora, New York. His heart is in all that he does having spent 13 years in the classroom, coaching lacrosse and soccer, and mentoring students. 

Sadly, Mr. Shoemaker unfairly lost his pay and benefits starting on September 27, 2021 because he stood strong in his beliefs in the sovereignty God gave him.  Rather than disclose his personal medical information to meet his employer’s mandate, Mr. Shoemaker listened to his conscience and relied on his faith, knowing his job would be at risk if he did not comply. He is committed to staying the course, hoping that his resistance may shed light on the evil and stifle unprecedented violations against the human spirit that are harming so many.

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Shoemaker is a husband, father, friend, and practicing Catholic.  He and his homemaker-wife, LaKeisha, have been married for 5 years and are raising 3 children, ages four, two, and one.  They gain strength from their faith, their community in East Aurora and their parish in Buffalo.

Unfortunately, the school district has made many missteps and mistreated Mr. Shoemaker throughout the process. Besides violating NYS law to remove pay and benefits, the East Aurora Schools Superintendent, Mr. Brian Russ, brought a recommendation to the school board to terminate Mr. Shoemaker on October 20, 2021. The action was tabled – it was in violation of Mr. Shoemaker’s teaching contract and the school board’s policy.

Colin and his wife found it necessary to bring forward a lawsuit against the East Aurora Union Free School District and the state and local teachers unions.  In a move that signified the importance of the Shoemaker's claims, the judge immediately granted them a temporary restraining order against the District.  The first court date is scheduled for December 7.

Currently there is another school board meeting on December 15, when the superintendent has threatened to bring another recommendation to the school board to terminate Mr. Shoemaker.

We are urging you to stand with Mr. Shoemaker as he fights not only for himself and his family, but for anyone who believes in medical freedom.  We are asking you to stand with him as he stands against the injustice … to help set a precedent for all to take back our Freedoms.