Where do I start? 

First off, I hate doing this. I hate asking for help, I hate asking for financial help even more. Because to me, it feels like I'm admitting to failure. But right now, I have no choice. I need help and I need to push my pride aside and ask for help. 

So for starters, I have a storage unit and the account on it is past due. I have about half of the money needed to rescue it from auction. This storage unit has everything of my children's in it. Anything that I have managed to save from the years of moving around and being homeless that is sentimental or worth something to me, is in this storage. And even more crappy, I've got things stored at a house I was living in and need to get those things from that house, but without my storage, I have no where to put these things. And my Id, birth certificate and social are among those things. But I have a very limited amount of time before those things are donated to goodwill and I can't save them. 

Now the next part of this is probably the most important. I need an attorney for a family law case. I tried to obtain help through St Andrews legal clinic and they can't help me because I live in Washington county and my case is in Clackamas. I haven't seen my children in almost 4 years. And I've done a lot of work to change my life around. I am not trying to totally disrupt their life and get custody, but I want to see my children. I want to spend time with them. I want to be able to call them whenever, or have them call me whenever. I'm supposed to have a weekly phone call with them, but their father takes that away whenever he feels like it. I just need some help getting visitation with my babies. And I can't go into court without representation like I did last time. It's too difficult on your own. So I'm going out on a limb and I'm asking for help. 

God bless and thank you in advance.