Faith is a very energetic, spunky, and highly active child who loves movement, play, and creativity which all ties back into Gymnastics lessons. Through practicing coordination and movement and understanding the value in persistence and effort she can begin laying the building blocks for a range of athletic and recreational pursuits. "Gymnastics teaches young children to try and try again to achieve even the simplest of skills. Gymnastics is not an easy sport and can even be scary at times! However, if children try hard, they will see progress. Gymnastics encourages kids to “have a go” and to keep “having a go” until they master the skill or activity. The joy of trying, learning and (eventually) being rewarded for effort is at the heart of persistence." (Artemis Centre). More skills acquired through practicing gymnastics is resilience, which is necessary when facing adversity, patience, self-discipline, co-operation, creativity, ambition, courage, and most importantly self-confidence. Thank you for helping her achieve her goals!!