In 2016, my mother, Patti Starnes, met Rev Warren Fornah while on a trip to Kenya with Pastor Ernie and Anne Frey, ASDM. She shared my story with Rev Warren and eventually connected us via email where a new friendship began. Rev Warren and I prayed for one another, discussed Christ, encouraged each other over the next four years, always looking forward to a time when I could meet him in person, traveling to his hometown in Sierra Leone.

The God blessed opportunity finally came in October 2020 when I flew from London, UK to Freetown, Sierra Leone. I spent a full week in and around the capital city, seeing first-hand all the ministries my friend Rev Warren leads for the glory of the Lord and for the building up of the Salone people. His wife, Adama, and he are co-proprietors of the Centre for Empowering Women; teaching basic education along with sowing, hairdressing, and hosting vocational skills to vulnerable girls, providing them with the ability to work for themselves and bring home income for their families, something uncommon for women in Sierra Leone. I am very thankful to have already completed a few projects at the Centre and was able to see these God given fruits in use while I was there.

Rev. Warren has recently been appointed by the board of Governors to serve as President of the leading Theological college in the nation, The Evangelical College of Theology (TECT). The college has been in existence for 55 years and is fully accredited internally and externally. During my first full day in the country, I led a bible study in one of Rev Warren's classes, meeting a great group of men studying to become pastors and return to their hometowns throughout the country to teach the word of God! At one of the college's weekly chapel meetings, I was also asked to share the testimony of what the Lord has done in my life over the past 7 years.  It is a wonderful praise that I was there in Freetown in the first place. 

My friend's third and final job, and the one he loves the most, is as Pastor of a church in the Muslim community of Lungi. The second day of my trip was Sunday, and I had the privilege of attending the Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone, Lungi.  While sitting in the front with Rev Warren, he called upon me to speak a short message, before sharing my testimony there as well! This worship service took place in one of the school classrooms, as the community church had a few more weeks remaining, before it would be finished. The focus in Muslim communities for the Wesleyan church is to build school rooms to bring the children first.  This leads to the parents seeing how much faith in God the people have, and what the church does for the village, they likewise begin to come on Sundays. 

This provides a great introduction to the current project Rev Warren and I have in the Lungi community: building additional classrooms for these children! There are currently three classrooms, but the number of students has caused the school to outgrow itself and need additional space. The government has been pressuring the school to do this for over a year and now the time has come for the global church to assist in seeing this project finished. Thankfully, God has allowed me to start the project and fund it through the foundation stage (see pictures to follow), but that is only a third of the costs needed. I can assure you that 100% of the money is used for the building of these facilities.  There is no overhead.

If you feel lead, please help me in donating additional resources for the completion of these classrooms and the increase of Christian education it would bring to the community in Lungi, Sierra Leone, as well as the sharing of the gospel through this avenue of education.

Please see the personal request written by Reverend Warren Fornah below.


Christian schools in Sierra Leone serve as a means for Evangelism to the lost, including the Muslim populace. The Wesleyan Church in the Muslim community of Lungi has created much impart spiritually, morally, and academically. It continues to attract more Muslim parents in the community. The community is so much proud of its academic excellence for young children over the years!!
The school is presently facing overcrowding. The old classrooms can no longer accommodate the growing population of school children. This grave need and concern has propelled the need to come up with an additional three classrooms and staff room office project.
The present situation of overcrowded classrooms is a concern to the community supervisors and parents. Getting additional three classrooms and office space for teachers would immensely improve the quality of education in the community and nation. It is also a government requirement that all learning institutions and schools provide enough classrooms, and other learning facilities!!