In 2017, I wanted to recreate how the music business worked. 

We bankroll a culture that hates Christian values. By listening to musicians who constantly push a narrative contrary to what we believe, we put money in their pockets to keep indoctrinating society. 

Rise Tunes is intended to give conservative, Christian America the platform we need to enjoy one of God’s greatest gifts to man: music. This music, though, is Music without debauchery and violence. 

Our platform design is not only for music that refrains from negative messages, but also for an experience unlike any other. Our groundbreaking design makes it easier to share, discover and listen to the music we love. 

Our revenue model offers more for artists, too. The musician who needs two jobs just to get by has a greater chance to do what they love by using their God-given talents with Rise Tunes. 

Our first sprint is for initial development, testing, team support and marketing to gain more investments.