Hey every one its Jairo, operator of Right Now Views and activist. I cover events in Southern California that mainstream media will not cover. If you have been to a rally or protest in the Los Angeles area then you have probably seen me, I am very dedicated. There have been many times I've been the only one covering an event. If things arent filmed and posted online then people don't know they happened or that there was even an issue. Besides covering events I am also an organizer, I help organize a lot of protests and rallies. It is a lot of work and stress doing what I do. I have been attacked more then once by Antifa and they continue to harass me to this day. My address was posted on an Antifa website at the end of last year. I have been protesting the scamdemic since 2020, and last summer I started my website rightnowviews. Putting everything together, organizing, protesting, editing videos and working on the website is very time consuming and draining. There's been times I've been up until the very early hours of the next day writing a post or editing videos. Most of the stuff I film cannot be put on YouTube due to censorship so videos cant be monetized. I am asking for donations of any kind to continue covering events in Southern California that mainstream media wont cover.