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​"The rich nations must use their vast resources of wealth to develop
the underdeveloped, school the unschooled, and feed the unfed. 
Ultimately, a great nation is a compassionate nation.  No indivi​dual
or nation can be great if it does not have a concern for 'the least of these.'"

            Dr. Martin Luther King, Nobel Peace Prize address, 1964


I am grateful for the opportunity to invite
you to partner with Member Partners and
friends of the faith-based community to plant
a financial seed into our vision to provide
resources for us all - throughout the State
of Georgia and beyond.

We serve God by providing:

"High-Speed Economic Empowerment
For Member Partners Of The Global
Faith-Based Community."

Please view our corporate website:

Your gift(s) will fund the investiture of a
robust technology and management
infrastructure in cities through the State
of Georgia.

if you desire to dedicate a percentage
of your donation to be used in the
stimulation of the economy of a specific
city or county, please let me know. 

Once a viable infrastructure is in place,
by the grace of God, we will address
and fulfill these need categories:

Resources For All - Food and Clothing
Resources For All - Housing and Shelter
Resources For All - Transportation
Resources For All - Money
Resources For All - Education and Literacy

To preview our global plans going forth,
click on the following link:

Also, If you are interested in becoming a
City Manager, of ...

The Covenant Partners Network Economic
and Entrepreneurial Empowerment Association

Also, I will custom-design a personal rewards and 
incentive program (in the form of digital gift cards
and/or travel vouchers in return for your ongoing
financial contributions.

For any donation exceeding $100, you will receive
a complimentary Entrepreneur membership
(Retail Value = $4995.95) in...

The Covenant Partners Network Economic
and Entrepreneurial Empowerment Association

I am grateful for your consideration and I will
anticipate your enrollment as a Member

PS.  Please note that any funds donated from the locale of the donor or contributed
        with an expressed request from the donor, to be used in a certain locale, will be
        invested and leveraged in said locale, less modest expenses.

Humbly and faithfully, serving to expose, enhance,
and elevate the I AM potential in all of us.

Brother Ben of Atlanta
Ordained Disciple of Jesus the Christ,
Seeker of God for Mankind, Servant,
Creation and Redistribution-of-Wealth Strategist, 
​Philanthropist, Author, Managing Partner

Atlanta, Georgia
The United States of America
We embrace the whole of human life:  
physical; spiritual; mental; emotional;
social and cultural; economic and political;
scientific and technological;
individual; non profit; and corporate.with
a "High-Speed" urgency to fulfill and
focus on ALL of our financial needs.


Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
Bennie Wiley Atlanta, GA Follow

$10 of $25,000

0 % Complete 1 donation(s)

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