Help us to raise up Passionate Jesus Lovers who will set the Laguna on Fire with God's love!

At Laguna On Fire Ministries our vision is to raise up an army of people who love Jesus passionately and who will transform the entire Laguna by demonstrating God's love and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Specifically, we've felt led, based on Isaiah 61, to work with the most broken, hopeless, and bound because we believe that after they have been healed, set free, and transformed by God's love, then they will become the "oaks of righteousness" that will "rebuild the ancient ruins" and tranform their city.

So it has been our joy and privilege to work with the youth living in poverty, involved in gangs, and bound up in drug abuse and sexual sin... And recently working with a rehab center has been a very effective way to do that.

Pastor Martin and his wife Alicia opened the doors of "Casa de Restauracion Redimidos por Cristo" (Restoration House Redeemed by Christ) in February 2022. Since then they have taken in many men struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and related problems, and through God's love, His Word, and His Spirit these men have been powerfully transformed.

There are so many men who need the help provided by "Casa de Restauracion Redimidos por Cristo" that they have had more than 30 men at a time staying with them - in a small 3 bedroom house!

We're excited to provide them with a larger facility that will allow them to comfortably house 50-60 men and will also have space for recreation and church services that will be open to their families and to the public!