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Firstly, on behalf of Borderlands International, we would like to welcome and thank you for your interest in partnering with us to help the refugees of South Sudan, the world's youngest country caught in one of the world's worst conflicts.
This library will be the first of it's kind in any refugee settlement in northern Uganda. That is saying something because we live just south of the largest refugee camp in the world, Bidi Bidi, and there are more than 1.5 million refugees in Uganda.

 We have obtained both permission to build a library from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and land from the local governing body in OFUA III, Rhino Refugee Settlement. The library will also function as a learning center. We have a crew of South Sudanese construction workers ready to break ground as soon as the funds are available. If you are interested in getting lasting on-site recognition for your contribution in your name or on behalf of another, please see the end of this post.
The Vision
Our goal is to restore hope and dignity to the refugees of South Sudan and  to help guarantee a future for them by providing unique resources that are currently unavailable throughout the Ugandan refugee system.

Currently, we are working with several local leaders and churches within the refugee settlement and have elected a strong local leader for the oversight of the Library Project once it is established. By partnering with the local people we are providing paid employment for refugee families, gaining valuable perspective from those closest to the situation and empowering refugees to overcome their circumstances.

​​​​​​​We are sponsoring a building that will become so much more. As a Christain Community Library, it will address several of the issues and challenges that confront the community. People will receive the blessing of education, homework help and access to workshops designed to help them advance in life. It will be a light in the community with our staff communicating value and dignity through their willingness to invest in the refugees' lives. We'll be partnering with a greater community to offer classes in reading and writing and vocational skills, possibly through satellite teachings. Our hope is that, in a life which has been sabotaged by chaos, the refugees will find in the library a refuge of calm, peace, learning and community mentor ship.

One of the most exciting developments, is that we are already poised and ready to make this library into a central hub for a mobile library system throughout multiple refugee settlement regions.

About the Area: Rhino Refugee Settlement
The population is roughly 120,000. Of those 120,000 people, 72% are under the age of 16. That is roughly 84,000 teens and children refugees. For these children there are only four or five elementary schools and supplies are expensive. There is no high school. Precious few places exist for young adults to learn working trades, expand their worldviews or to escape their current reality.
Men and women are also at a loss due to a lack of resources and education. Because of the conditions in the settlement, many are unable to start over with the family economy they worked before.
Countless individuals have lost their hope and sense of self worth - their dignity.

Phase One
Breaking Ground. It includes paying construction workers, permits, laying the foundation and getting a good start on the building.

 The total cost of the building will be approximately $10,000 which includes all permits, building supplies and labor costs. The building will be approximately 10m X 10m in size an will include a children's area, adult section, study space and covered outdoor area.
Phase Two
Once the building is completed we'll switch gears and work to fill it and train staff. We'll use a variety of resources, both local and international, to obtain a variety of books in multiple relevant languages. This include shipping books and library supplies such as paper, seats, solar power system and a years salary for a night guard.
Phase Two will cost $9000.

If you are interested in helping us with a future book drive, please contact us through GoFundMe. It makes for a great youth group or club charitable activity.

All donations tax deductible and greatly appreciated. For all donations, if you leave a way for me to contact you I will personally convey my appreciation. 
Donations of all sizes are excepted

As a thank you for a donation of $100 or more we'll recognize you on a sign in front of the library.

As a thank you for a donation of $250 we'll carve your name on a stone as part of the "Walk-way of Love" leading to the entrance.

As a thank you for a donation of $500 we'll frame your picture with a short message if your choice and hang it on the library's donor wall.

Make a donation in your own name or on the behalf of another as a gift or to honor them.

Thank you for your interest and time,Sincerely 
Founders of Borderlands International.
Salazar and Heather Sanchez

The Goal:

  • Give hope, show the love of Christ, restore dignity.
  • Provide a Christian Community Library that address the issue of the community and acts as a central hub for mobile libraries for the rest of the camp. Where the peopleof the gerenal public will come to the the Library and receive the blessing of education and investment through Christian community with out the fear of having to go to church.
  • Address Islam and fill the gap of the fall out from Islam through apologetics, literacy, kindness and practical help to the refugee community.
  • To partner with Local leaders and set up small satellite class to teach reading, writing.
  • To provide small group with materials for learning new life skill and vocational skill.
  • To provide a safe, calm, quite controlled area for study and mentorship to for the community. 

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Campaign Created by:
Salazar Sanchez Borderlands International
Tax ID number: 82-4802478
Gillette, WY Follow

$100 of $2,500

4 % Complete 1 donation(s)

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