We’re sure you’ve noticed the uptick in the number of strollers and minivans in our neighborhood recently. The continuing growth in young families has led us to seek updated playground equipment. On our survey, several remarked, “This would be so wonderful for our Rockwood community!” And we agree. 

>> The HOA currently has $16k set aside for this project. In order to fully meet the expectations of our current families, we need to raise additional funds. We are asking for your help to update our playground which would help families connect and build community, children make neighborhood friends and burn energy, and it would continue to make Rockwood a desirable neighborhood for future families.

We are working with CS Playgrounds to enhance our neighborhood. They offer an extensive selection of the highest quality equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. Excellence and integrity are their priority. 

CS Playgrounds has quoted us 3 price points for equipment and ground surfacing. More donated funds can provide a larger structure as well as additional park items for our community. The scope of this project will be determined by your donations. Thank you in advance!

Our 3 tiers of donations goals are $5,000, $20,000, and $35,000. Each price point includes:

• 4-seat Swing Set: 1 Baby Swing, 2 Belt Seats, 1 ADA-Inclusive Swing

• Wood Chips to top off and fill the extended perimeter barrier

• Freight/Delivery Charges

• Sales Tax

• Supervised Volunteer Installation

• Final Safety Inspection and  Report for HOA Insurance

Your investment will be well-used by Rockwood families for years to come!

If you believe in this project, and want to see improvements happen (with a goal of construction this summer), we’d love your support! Additionally, if you own or know of a business that would like to invest in their community, please let them know about this opportunity.

*Pictures are just representations of what’s available at these price points.