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Campaign Created by: Penelope Conway

The funds from this campaign will be received by Penelope Conway.

Goal: USD $500
Raised: USD $ 600

Needing help for the annual website costs of Positive Living With MS. Any amount would be a tremendous blessing and give my blog further reach to people living with multiple sclerosis. Caregivers, family members and fellow MSers have always enjoyed my blog. Many say that they would miss me terribly if I would ever go away. That I am a light of hope and encouragement that helps get them through their day. I was diagnosed with PPMS myself in 2013. Most of my writing is about my own experiences. I try to mix in humor as well as the reality of what life is like living with MS. 


Update #2 - Almost ready
January 30, 2023
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I've spent the last few hours going to pre-surgery appointments. I still have two more to go... Thursday and Friday, then Monday will come quickly. I will post a blog tomorrow but may be absent for the days up to my surgery date of the 6th. Hopefully I will have something for you while in the hospital. I am still needing $100 for the website. If you would like to donate go to the attached link to GiveSendGo. Thank you so much for your support and prayers. 

Update #1 - Have a surgery date
January 13, 2023
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I will be having surgery on Feb 6th. I'm hoping to be able to pay for my website hosting and other services by that date. My goal is to blog and let everyone know how I'm doing while I'm in the hospital. My urologist has recommended the removal of my bladder and a stoma made with a part of my small intestines to empty my urine into a pouch on the outside of my stomach area. I won't have any more stones to deal with. No more UTI's. No catheters to change. Just a urine bag/pouch to change. It's supposedly not painful once healed. My urine will just be an open flow outside of my body. Kidneys will work the same. Just no bladder.


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