State Representative Mark Finchem has once again stepped out in faith and covered the cost of a public hearing on election integrity, this time in Pima County, another hotbed of illegal activity affecting elections. Elections belong to the people, not the government, reasoning this to be true, suggests then that an Ad Hoc Public Hearing on Election Integrity should not be funded by the government but by the people. "Constituents don't want the same government that certified a clearly flawed election, to pay for a hearing that could undermine factfinding in pursuit of the truth."

The testimoney and evidence presented at the hearing clearly showed that there were sufficient discrepancies that affected every race in Pima County from President all the way down ticket to Sheriff. The evidence of corruption has been turned over to the Arizona Attorney General for prosecution, and more evidence is being collected in the on-going investigation. This would not have happened had Representative Finchem not covered the up front costs for the venue and the audio visual presentation equipment.