I’ve taken this initiative with the hope that I can raise enough money to fund the purchase of enough pens to GIVE a free pen to every one of the 17 million eligible voters across Australia in addition, for advertising to encourage volunteers who can assist to achieve this at the next state and federal elections.

Voting is a compulsory obligation in Australia so it will take a huge effort to achieve this goal. However, it’s worth it if it can be achieved. Doing this will ensure the voting population won’t have to rely on the led pencils (freely provided by the AEC) to write on their ballot papers.

Using led pencils to fill in ballot papers creates an opportunity for redaction or even changing of your choice. While we all want to have faith in our fellow man and be able to trust they will do the right thing and honour our choices, it has become blatantly evident in recent times that our choices are not respected by the few who live corruptly. 

Help us protect your vote and donate a few dollars to protect the interests of your mates!

p.s. Even if you can’t afford to give anything you can still help by raising awareness of this risk to our democracy by informing others they can take and use their own pen at the polls.