ABC America Board Book and Patriot Plushie

Campaign Created by: Theresa Gordon

The funds from this campaign will be received by Theresa Gordon.

Raised : USD $ 375
I am a member of DAR and DAC and I distribute American flags on July 4th at the public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

I am also "Nana" to two amazing grandchildren!
I wanted to read my grandchildren a toddler book about America and the flag and couldn't find one that I liked so I wrote one. Then I decided to also create a fun way to teach them the Pledge of Allegiance. That is how ABC America and Patriot Plushie came about.

The Plushie that teaches the Pledge of Allegiance!

A campaign for presales to support the launch of ABC America and creation of the Patriot Plushie.

ABC America is a toddler board Book that includes the Pledge of Allegiance and our Patriot Plushie is a 12 inch plushie whose hand goes on his heart when reciting it.
The Patriot Plushie contains a voice module and says the Pledge when you push on the heart area helping toddlers learn through repetition.

First 100 donors to give $125 US dollars or more will receive the limited "launch" first edition Curly Girly Button Buddy Patriot Package consisting of an ABC America board book, a Patriot plushie and a hand held American flag.

There will only be 100 of these unique first editions.

Once we start production, presales of the individual books, plushies and non-launch Patriot package will be available on

"May the hand of a Buddy always be near".

"Help me to journey beyond the familiar and into the unknown. Give me the faith to leave old ways and break fresh ground with You."
–St. Brendan


Update #2 FullColor Turn Around Sketch
August 19, 2022
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Update #1 Plushie Full Color
August 19, 2022
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