The Patriot Paradise Family Fund is where we will be collecting funds from our family members, for our family members in need. These donations will be collected & held in an account that can be utilized at any time, for any Patriot Paradise family member that is in need! Examples include, financial support for survival (rent/mortgage/food/supplies), buying/procuring & shipping (medication/vitamins/ivermectin), funds to provide an Uber for a member needing to get somewhere without a vehicle, or even possibly funds for a flight for a member to be with another member in need. Really it’s a way for all of us to be able to be there for each other no matter what is needed, no matter how far apart we all are! This is very close to our hearts & we will be starting the fund ourselves with our donation. We are so excited to hear everyone loves this idea & excited to be able to help any of our Patriot Paradise Family members in their time of need, as we know any of us could need help at any time nowadays! Love you all, & we’re so grateful & blessed that God has brought this family so close together through Him & His Love!