Parents of PLP, LLC. is an organization that partners with parents for accountability and diversity of thought at Pine Lake Preparatory. This is parent-run and not affiliated with the school.  We stand together against the school's overreach in our parenting decisions.  We are parents banning together and are looking for PLP to return to being an apolitical school with the focus being on education. The current Board is focusing its efforts on social activism with their political views, instead of focusing its efforts on educating children in an age appropriate way. They have spent over 30K on DEI consultants, which highlights where their energy is directed. 

All donations will go towards holding those in charge of making educational decisions on our children’s behalf accountable to our charter application and bylaws. All donations will be subject to all tax laws and accountability.  No one is profiting from these donations - 100% of the funds will go towards Lawyers and Accountants.

We are holding the Board accountable to our schools bylaws, charter and their very own code of conduct. Our mission is to focus Pine Lake Preparatory’s efforts on its “Educational Focus” as stated in its charter.

As parents and members of PLP, it is our goal to partner together to refocus our school back to our original charter’s mission of academics. 

Pine Lake Preparatory’s mission is supported by five core values: Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Driven to Excellence, and Empathy.  The focus of Pine Lake Preparatory is on student preparation for higher learning within a nurturing environment.  Students will be challenged through strong leadership and engagement within a continuous K-12 setting.  Pine Lake Preparatory will focus on core academic skills in grades K-8 with intensive arts and Spanish instruction that leads to selective study in high school. All students will participate in service-based learning and upper school students will have flexible scheduling allowing for AP courses, college courses, internships, field experiences, traveling opportunities and senior project preparations.