My wife and I are attempting to break a world record in a way that will positively impact thousands of people's lives. 

We are launching the 'Million Dollar Paperclip Challenge'.   We are starting out with a paperclip and will trade up to something more valuable each time until we reach something worth a million dollars.   We will then auction or sell the item and give $100,000 to 10 different charities that are doing great things in the world.   The original idea came from Kyle Macdonald's 'One Red Paperclip' where he started with a single red paperclip and traded up to a house in just 14 trades.  He currently holds a world record for 'The most successful Internet Trade'.

We want to show everyone the power of people working together to make a positive change in a world that desperately needs it right now.   Kyle used Craigslist to do his trades but Susan and I are using our GabTV account ( our Youtube channel Natural State Rebels (  and our website ( to do the trades and to document the entire challenge for everyone to enjoy and follow along.   

We sold nearly everything we own and downsized from our 2,400 sq ft home and moved into a motorhome full time so we can do this challenge.   This is something we've been planning for more than 3 years and are now ready to start the challenge to see where it takes us.    BUT, we cannot pull it off without financial help.   We need donations to cover things like:  Our living expenses, legal expenses, travel by motorhome to and from locations all over the United States to make the trades and film the interactions with people we trade with, and we'll inevitably have to pay experts to authenticate some of the higher value items along the way.

Together, with you and God on our side, we can definitely make this a reality.