PhD Student's Vaccine Mandate Fight

Campaign Created by: Patricia Umberger

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Hello fellow Christians and Freedom Fighters!

My name is Patricia Umberger and I am a wife, mother and until recently, a sixth-year Ph.D. student researching Cancer and Developmental Biology. I was in my final year of my Ph.D. when a COVID-19 vaccine mandate was issued at my research institution (I do not wish to disclose the name of the very well-known research hospital, as I still believe in their mission, and I pray that these decisions are what they believe to be best to protect their vulnerable patient population). I was denied a religious exemption, not only because leadership wanted a fully-vaccinated campus, but as a student-trainee I was not entitled to a religious exemption. Grounded in my faith, I am not willing to go against my beliefs and defile my body and spirit with this intervention. Additionally, my husband and I are expecting another child, so the protection of my body and that of our unborn child is two-fold.

I am willing to live with this decision, and I trust fully in the Lord that He will get us through this. But the most discouraging part of standing for my convictions is that my family is now faced with the educational debt that would have been forgiven upon graduating with my Ph.D. Raised by a single-father in a low income household, every decision I have made regarding my education has been influenced financially. Working extremely hard and being fiscally responsible throughout my Ph.D. I accomplished my goal of paying off my undergraduate loans so that I would be debt-free upon graduating with my Ph.D. This is no longer the case. And given the current environment that we face, my chances of future employment within the field of science look bleak without a vaccination. I pray that you can find it in your heart to help ease this burden on my family, pray for us, and spread our story.

Stay strong and God Bless,

The Umberger Family


Update #1
November 17, 2021
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Praise God! Thank all of you for your prayers for our family. I was just informed from my school that my accrued tuition/fees/etc. over my course in the Ph.D. program will not be owed upon withdrawl. The school will consider these previous waivers as a scholarship. God is good!
Continue praying for all those facing difficult decisions, especially with recent updates to mandates. God Bless <3


  • Pray for the safety and health of our family
  • Pray for all those facing similar situations that they may hold true to their convictions
  • Pray that our nation turn back toward God our Father
  • Pray our liberties be returned, and those making decisions will be guided by Truth and Light
  • Pray for direction in my future endeavors