Recently, we lost our beautiful angel Leah unexpectedly.

Leah was a vibrant, healthy, loving, young mother of two boys, 10 year old Asher and a precious special needs, non-verbal, non-ambulatory 13 year old Braxton, and loving wife to Vantha. Now a single parent, who has boldly stepped up to the plate, Vantha has been left with the financial struggle and voluntary responsibility of serving as mom and dad to raise his special needs step-son along with their own son Asher.

We humbly ask everyone to surround Vantha and the children with as much love and financial support as you can possibly afford. They will undoubtedly face many challenges and obstacles in life. Donations and prayers will be so very appreciated and 100% of donations will go to final arrangements and to raising Leah's special needs son and the rest of the immediate family Leah has left behind.

Leah's final gift and act of selflessness before going to Heaven and leaving her body in this world was to offer her viable organs to those who are suffering who will now live a more abundant life.

The love, joy and happiness and laughter she spread to everyone she met and poured into, will always be in our hearts.