Running a business is difficult. Running a profitable business is sometimes impossible. Washington State and Governor Jay Inslee has made it impossible to operate small businesses in the State of Washington with their COVID-19 restrictions.

First the lockdown was just a couple weeks, then a month, open only if you invest in expensive upgrades with 25% capacity. Now lockdown again with restaurants and bars only able to seat outside. Well that’s pretty much is impossible in the State of Washington and what customer wants to do that in the freezing rain?

This fund is here to help the legal fees to support businesses that choose to stand up for their right to be open and against the State of Washington's selective lockdown measures that allow big businesses to thrive and small businesses to ... well have to go out of business. That's the choice now. Either fight or lose your business.

Please help by donating to the Legal Defense Fund for small businesses in Snohomish County who are fighting to stay open.

Thank you, 

Open Snohomish County Group