The OneDL Freedom Flyers are fighting for everyone’s freedoms!  We are an organization of aviation professionals from Delta Air Lines and their wholly owned subsidiary Endeavor.  We believe it is everyone’s individual right to be able to determine, without coercion, what is best for their health, and ultimately what is put into one’s own body. No one should be forced to choose between their livelihood and personal health choices. 

The COVID-19 mandates directed by the executive branch have put incredible pressure on the airline industry, and most have implemented a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.  This is the Human Rights battle of our generation!  We are aligned against the forces of the Federal government, the mainstream Media, and Delta Air Lines itself.  Litigation is expensive.  We have retained counsel and are prepared to file suit should Delta Air Lines mandate COVID-19 vaccinations. 

We need your help!  Please consider making a donation to our cause. It is very much appreciated! 

*Please note: Upon the completion of our campaign for freedom, any extra donations will be given to the Delta Pilots Charitable Fund, which supports children’s charities in Delta’s hub cities. Thank You!

**Your Credit Card Statement will say "Our America 21" - This is the company we are using to raise funds through apparel sales and they are also collecting our donation funds for us through the company bank account. All funds donated here will go directly to the OneDL Freedom Flyer legal fight.  Please consider visiting to order a t-shirt and/or bag tag.  Thank you for your support!