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I'm not good at this, asking for help, explaining the story, any of it.
Corey lost his job 2 months ago, they just stopped calling. He had a few very good opportunities since then, that all fizzled out. One decided the insurance would be too expensive after several ride alongs and several weeks of talks. That hit in the gut. The next said yes we want you, for more than we should pay you, when can you start? And then there was a hiring freeze seemingly out of no where.
Monday was his first day back at a shop, pay comes every 2 weeks, but the first check will be half a check, and that makes bills difficult.
I got hired at my first job in 3.5 years about a month ago. Great pay, but I can only work about 20 hours a week. If I work more, I'll just be working to pay a sitter for the kids. Corey and I will be getting paid the same weeks, a day apart. We will be on our feet in no time.

However, that won't come with this next payday, and we have bills that have to be paid. We are facing an accelerated mortgage situation that could lead to the foreclosure process. We have to pay our phone bill so that our phones don't get shut off. We have a storage unit to pay that we are trying to get rid of but that's not entirely in our control right now. We have a city bill to pay so our lights stay on. And we have to make sure Corey has enough fuel to get to work and back until pay day.
We have been so so blessed this past week, prayers have been answered from unexpected places. We have enough food, thanks to a close friend. I have a full tank to get kids to school, to my job, and to get the family to church, thanks to a local church and my boss. The kids have been blessed with clothes several times over the last month. We have trusted people to watch Peggy while I work and boys are at school. God really is working in our lives, and we're trying so hard to not have fear or worry, we're trying to trust God with all of this, but it's difficult. We know we'll be okay.
I had a moment of Truth driving to work yesterday... I've been deciding who is worthy of helping us. I have let guilt and shame take over and decide who I will accept help from. God is sending people and I am sending them away.

If you are called to give, even a little helps. If you aren't called to give, please share this. 

Thank you
The Upchurch Osborn family

Update #3
November 29, 2018, 12:14 pm

Hey everyone!
Lowered our goal today! Just a few things that need taken care of! Thank you!

Update #2
November 3, 2018, 1:01 pm

It looks llikeebills, and bills alone, will be paid with our paychecks now that Corey is working consistently. That leaves us with food, fuel, toiletries, and any emergency that we don't have money for. Anything is appreciated.

Update #1
October 25, 2018, 1:03 pm

So thankful for the $100 we got right away. We've been able to have fuel all week, got our account back into the positive, and we feel the love.
This week we got hit with unexpected news... The mortgage went into acceleration a month earlier than expected and it took us 12 days to get the letter leaving us scrambling to get $1660 by the 31, then another $1660 ish by the end of November. We have the ability to pay the first payment, but that leaves us with our phones off, electric bill unpaid, truck payment unpaid, no fuel money, and no extra for food. Though we aren't worried about food because we have an amazing village, we are terrified about phones going off and the electricity getting turned off. 
God is good, all the time. And we know He supplies all our needs.
Please continue to share this.

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Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
Stephanie Upchurch Longmont, CO Follow

$100 of $700

14 % Complete 1 donation(s)

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