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In 2017 The Nicavangelists are sending two youths to Teen Challenge in Honduras for their year-long rehabilitation program. For those of you familiar with The Nicavangelists troupe, you’ll know each of these characters. And they are characters.
Why Teen Challenge? Why not Youth With A Mission? For all Nicavangelists troupe members, a Discipleship Training School with YWAM in Panama is compulsory once they reach 18 years of age. However, some need a wee bit of preparation before DTS, as this school is for young Christians who want to further their relationship with God and develop a spiritual plan for their lives.
Both troupe member candidates The Nicavangelists’are sending to Teen Challenge have proven their value to The Nicavangelists and each have specific gifts which are congruent with The Nicavangelists’ mission. Together, we can achieve great things. We can bless and help them and The Nicavnagelists’ program provides a space for these fellas to learn more about God and serve Him with their talents.
However, each of these youths have deep emotional wounds and addictions which would cause their time at YWAM to be less than effective. In fact, one of them has already completed a YWAM DTS in Panama and his leader shared with The Nicavangelists’ leadership team that the young man represented the biggest challenge to him that he’s faced in his 20+ years of ministry.
For these troupe members Teen Challenge is their final avenue to continue forward with The Nicavangelists, and this time away possibly represents their greatest opportunity for spiritual, emotional and physical freedom.
Who are the candidates?
Jason… Abused. Prostituted. A drug addict. The nicest guy you’ll ever meet, and someone who God designed with a specific purpose in mind.
René... Sold. Abused. Prostituted. A champion fella whom God loves & longs to restore.
The Nicavangelists were on outreach at a church in North Carolina when Jason got up to share about his life. Nobody was prepared for the words he’d speak.
Jason shared that at 8 years old, a door-to-door Bible salesman came to his house. He was the only person at home. Jason opened the door and naively answered the man’s questions. The fellow then asked Jason for a drink of water, and the boy kindly went to fill a glass.
What Jason didn’t realise was that the chap was not really who he’d claimed to be. He followed Jason into his home and sexually assaulted him.
As the years passed, Jason tried to heal the pain in his life by using drugs, drinking booze, having sex, etc. Nothing has worked. Jason has recently approached The Nicavangelists and offered to do whatever it takes to get his life back-on-track.

And so? It is The Nicavangelists’ desire to see this young man completely restored. We believe that by the grace of God and with your help, we can see him win.
We have never made a video about Jason, but to watch a couple of videos where he features, please CLICK HERE or HERE
René. This boy. He is now a father and has a different girlfriend every other week. We sent René to Teen Challenge in Honduras in November, it was the first thing The Nicavangelists did after returning from outreach in California. However, René freaked out and returned on the next bus to Nicaragua.
We have left René to his own devices since then and things have gone from bad-to-worse. On his first visit to Teen Challenge, he hadn’t even reached the center, just the church where they host the initial interviews. He relayed a message to The Nicavangelists that this was not the place for him, it was like a prison, like Hell on Earth.
After recently hit rock-bottom, René wrote and told The Nicavangelists to send him to Hell. Teen Challenge. And so, that is exactly what we’re going to do. It’s his last chance, Teen Challenge or BUST!
So what’s the whole story with René?
Too long to tell… but basically, René was abused and then sold for less than the price of a McDonald's Happy Meal. He came to The Nicavangelists in quite the state when he was 15 years old and we've been working with him for the last 5 years.
René has been on outreach with The Nicavangelists twice to Guatemala and El Salvador, and once to California. He has recently completed a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission in Panama, but this did not see him truly break free of his old ways.

René has been the cause of much heartbreak within the Nicavangelists troupe, but God is a God of second chances. So we're believing for a miraculous and radical change in René's life, as we want him to have a hope and a future too.
CLICK HERE to watch a video about René...
The costs?
$1,200 in fees per candidate for the entire year
$1,200 in living stipends, medical expenses and government documentation for each of the youths for the entire year
$100 return bus ticket and immigration expenses
Please help us send Jason and René to Teen Challenge in Honduras!

If you would like to learn more about Jason, please click on the following links and read one of the stories he's written:

If you would like to learn more about René, please click on the following links and read one of the stories he's written:

Thank you for believing in the hearts and lives of young Nicaraguans and for partnering with Jason and René!!!

Jeddo & The Nicavangelists xoxoxo
PS.. For those who’d prefer to donate via a cheque or paypal, please click on the following link:

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Bless y'all from Texas!


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Campaign Created by:
capital on the edge, inc north chili, NY Follow

$3,151 of $5,000

63 % Complete 10 donation(s)

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