My Grandmother was loved by all!  She was a bright light in this world and loved her family beyond measure! She played the piano at church and for family gatherings in her home. She loved gardening and planted beautiful flowers 🌺 all around her home and property!   My Nanny past away more than 20 years ago and my Aunt inherited the home and then sold it. Now the people that bought it have let it go into a terrible mess and it needs a ton of repairs!  It is very sad.  But I want to buy it back for her and fix it up and turn it into “Ida’s Hideaway” for rescued and abused animals 🐶!  She 💕 loved all animals and I think she would be so proud to have her home turned into a safe haven for all creatures great and small. I cannot do this without your help and the auction is ending soon. Please help!  Thank you. Nanny is looking down and giving her blessing I am sure 🙏🏻

Another reason I want to buy this home is because my father was the oldest son of Nanny. And he died in a plane crash when I was 16 years old it crushed her he was 36 years old and she never really recovered. She always said that a parent should never have to bury a child. But anyways, I think it’s my responsibility to buy the house because my daddy would want me to.