Who are we, and why is this important to you?

NHPatriotHub.org is made up of a group of professionals who have come together to be the hub for NH citizens to unite, learn, and become active in their communities to create meaningful change in our government.

I believe in building a firm foundation before building the house. Our intention is to help make sense of the chaos that we find ourselves in. Yes, safe and legitimate elections are the target make no mistake about it. That's our goal and here is our plan to get there. UNIFY, EDUCATE, EMPOWER, then we ALL lock into the target goal.

On our blog you can read about elected officials and how they are representing you, or if they have forgotten about you. We need volunteers to watch elected officials, from both sides of the isle and give their unbias and factual reports that are backed by citations if requested. 

Our goal is to spread Inspiration, Unity, Knowledge & Action.  

Our calendar is THE place to get a consolidated schedule of upcoming NH events like rallies, classes, webinars and meetings.

We have many educational resources for furthering your education from basic civics, to constitution studies, or even if you want to campaign for a seat. These will be both in person and online, many are free or low cost. Education leads to knowlegde, which leads to power, which leads to the ability to make meaningful change. We want to assist in each step of the way.

What can you look forward to with NHPatriotHub.org?

  • Politician Watchers and Their Reports
  • Training and Educational Resources for Citizens
  • Calls to Action you can do in person or online
  • Platform for citizen journalists and media
  • Calendar of NH events you can participate in
  • Info on the upcoming bills & votes to keep your eyes on


We are posting this fundraiser because starting up a website and getting the word out costs a surprising amount of money. I am funding this out of pocket and as a single mom that's tough. We are not looking to make money, just hoping you believe in our cause to Unite, Educate and Grow the awareness of NH citizens, that will then be able to make meaningful change. We aim to keep our work professional and be as efficient and helpful as possible to New Hampshire and those who we will reach across the United States. Your donation WILL make a difference!