'My Recovery Buddy' was founded as a way to help people through the rough patches they are going through – whether it’s battling addiction, disorder, disease, trauma, medical or mental illness, grief, or just in need of alittle love and support.

'My Recovery Buddy' has assembled a team of stitchers who hand craft huggable, lovable stuffed buddies, that are sent to people in need, to remind them that they don’t have to be alone in their challenges.

'My Recovery Buddy' is a 501c3 NJ Non-Profit organization. Since our inception in February 2014, we are very pleased to have placed over 6500 of our Buddies into the arms of those in need, all over the world!! :o)

Our biggest challenge is to keep enough funds in our coffers to pay for postage and shipping supplies.

We send our buddies out to people who make a request,  FREE OF CHARGE, and we rely totally on the generosity of donations to make this happen.

The largest expense in keeping this organization running is postage. It costs anywhere from $5-$20 to ship a BUDDY to their final destination. Our postage funds are running very low, and so that is why we are reaching out to you all, with this Challenge, in the hopes of replenishing our postage fund as soon as possible!.

Won't you please help? ANY amount you donate, will be greatly appreciated and will allow us continue our mission of sending those in need, some extra hope, support and love.

Maybe you or someone you know has received a buddy and know what a difference it can make.

Please won't you consider helping us continue to help others, with a donation of any amount.

No donation is too small. Every little bit helps us continue our mission.

To request a buddy for you or a loved one, please make a request at our website: 


 We thank you in advance for blessing us with your kindness, generosity and support.