I decided to raise funds for this organization because of a friend who has worked hard to be sober for 30 years.  He's running an event called the Penguin which is raising funds for Ashley to both Research in the addiction/recovery space and to a scholarship which can help people that can't afford to go to Ashley for treatment.  I've had friends take their own lives because of addiction mixed with PTSD and if they had some sort of help, the may still be here with us.  Please help us raise funds that will be put to good use!!!  

I wanted to do my part, so I want to raise $1000 or more and run/walk 30 hours with Charlie Engle on the property of the Ashley treatment center... raising money is my goal and I also want to more than 100 miles in that time.

Here's a little bit about Charlie Engle

Ashley’s brand ambassador and world-renowned ultramarathoner, Charlie Engle, will be running on Ashley’s campus for 30 consecutive hours to celebrate his 30 years in recovery! Charlie’s natural way of inviting all his friends along on life’s adventures has connected him with the running community for years. He knew his 30th year of sobriety was something he needed to celebrate in a big way, so Charlie reached out to his friends at Ashley Addiction Treatment, invited runners he knows, and it ultimately grew into a worldwide movement and event for recovery.

Thank you so much for participating.  If you can do 1 dollar, 10, 20, 50, 100 or if you can dig deep donate even more, we're grateful for your help. This is the event page if you'd like to register for the live event or the virtual--> https://www.ashleytreatment.org/the-penguin-movement-for-recovery/

VIDEO LINK HERE-->https://rumble.com/v17fqe7-the-penguin-movement-for-recovery-fundraiser.html


Dr. Joshua Handt
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