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José Maynez Waterloo, IN

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Hello my name is Jose G. Maynez an after 40 years in my home the United States, I got deported from the United States for something that happened in the late 80s early 90s because of that incident witch I paid for with 4 years of my life , now 23 years later the government kidnapped me from my home and separated me from my two daughter,my two sons, and my fiance who happen to be 2 months pregnant at the time. (she is now)
they didn't care that I had full and soul custody of my daughters for the past 5 years nor did they care that I was the only one that was providing for my family. My two daughters where yank from my home and put on a homeless shelter with their mother who has been homeless for 5 years + and still is. My pragnat  fiance and two sons where force to move in with her Dad in a room with no furniture no even a bed to sleep on and myself was given the option to fight my case but they told me it would take no less 6 years but I would have to remian incarcerated till II won or lost my case...I didn't commit a crime why did I have to be in prison for 6 years? And why fight  for the right to be in what I have always have known as my home.
I've been in Juárez México for about 2 1/2 months and it's hard to live of $50 per week I have been blessed to have some support as far as shelter , however legal help is very expensive and my pregnant fiance and two boys are waiting for the 2018 tax check to come here with me however I have no place to call home and the means to get us a stable place for my family.  Anything that I put can help with I would greatly appreciate it the funds Will be used for shelter and to fight my case do that I can come back home (waterloo, Indiana) I'm also going to start a blog to keep up dates on my status and to show how the donations are been use on and for 
Thanks for your time

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Jamie Moskowitz

2019-01-21 20:02:55

I am here for you all! I have been friends with Jose for years and this is so unfair this has happened to him and his family!! I will stand behind you all and help you fight I will give what I can ! And my prayers are will you all !!!

Campaign Created by:
José Maynez Waterloo, IN

$0 of $20,000

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