Military Mandate Freedom Legal Fund

Campaign Created by: Courtney Simmons

The funds from this campaign will be received by Alana Wilson.

Goal: USD $10,000
Raised: USD $ 3,004

I am creating this campaign on behalf of a fellow military family in desperate need of support.

The Wilson family has had a very challenging year, they lost almost everything they own in a horrible storm last summer. Now face losing military career, retirement, health and dental benefits, and facing an under honorable discharge from the military over unlawful and discriminatory mandates.

The military is working as hard as they can to silence, discredit, coerce, manipulate, and punish members who are standing for their beliefs and freedoms.

TSgt Wilson has served his country honorable for 18.5 years and is set to retire next year. He has served overseas on 3 deployments, including 1 year overseas during this pandemic.

Last year a mandate was placed on the military. TSgt Wilson is unable to comply with the mandate due to his religious beliefs. Because of this, he is being punished by his command and threatened discharge from the military (losing all retirement benefits, paycheck for his family, medical and dental benefits).

The Wilson family had to hire a lawyer to fight for Kyle's rights to continue to serve his country and finish out his career.


So many of our military families are being faced with separation, loss of retirement, coercion, threats, etc. for opposing these unconstitutional mandates. Many are not willing to sacrifice their religious and medical freedom and are in this fight for what is rightfully theirs. 

Legal funds are needed to assist these families fight this battle in court. We hope you find it on your heart to help these families in dire need. 

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Update #1
March 17, 2022
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Kyle received his second punishment this week, another Letter Of Reprimand. He could use all of the prayers you have for him. Please pray for continued courage, protection, and peace as he endures this onslaught every week.

At the exact time Kyle was being reprimanded in his full service dress uniform by his commander, Alana was on the Sean Hannity radio program sharing his story. Watch the video and please share! We need to keep getting the word out about what is going on and the way our brave military are being treated.


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