Unite to Fight Cancer with Mike Cook

The funds from this campaign will be received by Diane Cook (Mike's wife).

Mike has been a tremendous encouragement to so many through the years. Now is our chance to gather around and encourage him on his healing journey. This is the beginning of the story and the journey.

Wednesday morning, March 9th, 2022, our beloved counseling Pastor, Mike Cook, was admitted to the emergency room with great pain in his abdomen. They discovered excessive amounts of bilirubin in his system caused by a mass blocking the duct exiting the gall bladder. More tests and several days later, pancreatic cancer was confirmed. The oncologist determined it is stage 4 and has metastasized. It is considered non-curable and he was given a survival prognosis of 6 to 9 months without treatment.

We lean on the Great Physician and firmly believe God is not done with Mike yet. Mike and his wife Diane have great faith that the Lord is not limited in His ability to heal. They are prepared to enroll in Hope4Cancer. This center has an excellent record of treating stage 4 cancers. It is run by doctors and staff that are all Spirit-filled believers, which gives Mike a great sense of peace entering the treatment. They are simply waiting on finances.

The Cook family is overwhelmed by the love and support from friends and his church family in asking what they can do to help. Our first request is to storm Heaven with prayers for Mike and Diane. However, at the urging of those closest to him, Mike has agreed to let his daughter create this website for his immediate and additional financial needs.

It is costly, and while no amount will ever be worth more than your prayers, we humbly offer you this means to donate directly to the family to cover expenses for the immediate treatment, follow-up treatments, and other unanticipated expenses that the family may incur on short notice.

We are ready to fight, and we need you. We cannot do this alone. Treatment takes money and time. Ultimately your prayers are what will turn the tide. 

Our goal is to be part of the next treatment cycle on April 13, 2022. If you would like to contribute, please click the "Give Now" red button on the bottom right of this page. Give Send Go will process your payment right there with a credit card. On behalf of Mike, his family, and his friends, thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and any contributions you are able and willing to make!

Every gift makes a difference, and we are grateful that you are here. It may also be tax-deductible through God's Peace Academy. Let us know if you need a tax deduction. Here are some ideas of how your giving will help:

5 gifts at $1,000 = $5,000

10 gifts at $500 = $5,000

20 gifts at $250 = $5,000

50 gifts at $100 = $5,000

100 gifts at $50 = $5,000

320 gifts at $25 = $8,000


Update #2
May 5, 2022
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We want to thank all of you who have been praying for Mike and Diane. We have read each one and know for every one who posted a prayer here or on FB there are so many more who haven't. Your prayers are FELT. Thank you!

Mike has finished his 3 weeks of intense therapy at Hope4Cancer. They are looking forward to being home. He wanted to send weekly updates, but he was so busy in one therapy after another that he simply didn't have time. He is feeling stronger every day. Now comes the transition of continuing several of the therapies they learned in the routine of every day living.

During his time there he got to know a few of the other patients and was able to pray with them and see God working in their lives as well. We continue to covet your prayers on this journey.

God bless you!

Update #1
April 11, 2022
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Praise God! with additional funds received directly, we have achieved our goal!! Mike and Diane are checking in to Hope4Cancer on Wednesday.

Thank you all for your caring response. We have been overwhelmed by the comments, prayers, and love you have showered on Mike, Diane and the whole family. God's love and goodness are undeniable.


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