Ever since Russia has brutally invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine, our friend John Kubiniec (Canisius ’83) has enthusiastically been helping the Ukrainian cause. John has lived in the region for decades and presently resides in Poland.

John has a close friend whose brother is a commander in Bakmut, Ukraine where he and his men have been dug into trenches for the last 4 months. They are known as The McGrew Crew.

Folks, it is cold in Ukraine. We are getting the McGrew Crew winter pants, coats and socks. It is going to cost a couple of bucks…. So, please contribute abundantly.

John has forwarded the name of a retailer that we can make the purchases from and will deliver to Kubi in Poland. He will get it to the front lines. 


Shipping Products: We will gather all donations, purchase the merchandise and send them in consolidated form via https://us.meest.com/ which is a forwarder that specializes in shipping to the Ukraine. I will gather your gracious donations and then optimize shipping costs by shipping them together.