If you ever had the privilege of meeting Marion Wojnarowski (we call him “Poppy”), then, congrats, you got to meet a living legend.

In the early morning of January 24th, he went on to be with his Savior & God, Jesus Christ. 

This was a man who left unforgettable imprints on the lives all around him, and if you met him, then you can attest to this. He was someone who could make you burst out laughing with the most well-timed, personalized joke (you’d believe he was a part-time stand-up comedian). But he was also someone who could speak directly to your soul with the most eloquently crafted words. This was all fueled by his heart for Jesus Christ. He truly was a preacher-at-heart…because his last sermon wasn’t in a church building with a well-dressed audience watching in the pews.

It was in his own living room, in sweatpants, with his dog, Rusty, on his lap, probably lounging in his recliner…preaching to the people he loved the most. He didn’t need a podium, a tie, or a microphone. He just needed Jesus.

During the holidays, he would always say to us, “This might be my last Christmas with you all!” and we never believed it because each year would come and we got another one with him. He was such an unshakable spirit-of-a-person that could make the whole room silent with just one word. It was impossible to believe he could ever leave us. But by reminding us that his last Christmas could come at any time, he knew, deep, down inside, how temporary this life was. His preparedness felt silly at times to us, but, really, it was just a sign of the great wisdom God bestowed upon him.

It was a wisdom secure in the Truth of God’s promise of Life. Poppy knew his soul was held by Jesus Christ ever since He saved him as a young 23-year-old. Since then, he wanted everyone he ever met to know the same life-changing Truths. This is what he preached to thousands of souls as the Evangelist Marion Wojnarowski, but it’s also what he preached to us, his flesh-and-blood, as Poppy. If you met him, you knew this. Maybe you’re even one of those people who was led to Christ by his words. That makes you apart of the family too. All in all, this man truly made family his main ministry, and now, we want this fundraiser to live out that legacy…by helping Carolyn, his wife.

Carolyn, our amazing grandma that we call “Namma,” has been the most supportive caregiver anyone could ever hope to have. All 5 of her children witnessed her staying by Marion’s side the whole time he was sick. When he was diagnosed with cancer, we did everything we could to get him the help he needed. The fact that he got pneumonia and had a heart attack limited his treatment options. That being said, Namma is now bearing the weight of his loss, on top of immense financial burdens. Neither of them ever made enough to save for retirement, despite the fact she worked very hard for many years cleaning houses.

While God has done so much to meet their needs, the hospital costs, cancer treatments, and ongoing living expenses have been WAY more than any of us could have ever expected. Carolyn is a very humble, soft-spoken lady who is frugal with the little money she has. For this reason, she would never ask for any help. That’s why we, her grandkids, are asking for her.

After carefully assessing her financial needs, we have determined a reasonable goal would be $26,000. Of course, your prayers, visits, and phone calls to Carolyn are also extremely valuable gifts you can also give and we are thankful for all the ways you can help her in this time of need. Thank you ahead of time for joining us on this worthy venture. Thank you for remembering and honoring Marion’s legacy with us. As Matthew Wojnarowski, one of his son’s, so beautifully put, “The rock of the Wojnarowski family is now with the Rock of Ages.”