Hello everyone!

Super exciting news, I am returning to Thailand! May 2023, right after graduation, I will be traveling to stay in the country of Thailand for a month! As many of you know, I am a sister of two brothers with Spina Bifida, which is the main reason why we left Bangkok so abruptly. Last fall, another family that is very dear to me, lives flipped around. They are missionaries who returned from Thailand with the news that their son has Spina Bifida as well. This amazing couple Karl and Sarah, and their two kids Eden and Judah, are looking to travel back to Thailand to see if it is feasible to stay there long term with the challenges of the diagnosis.

I get the incredible opportunity to go alongside them as they travel back with their two kiddos. I get to be a blessing to the Pasche family as they explore what it would be like to return to Thailand with Judah. Here I will provide care for both of the kids and learn what it's like to be over seas, as a missionary. 

While I am in Thailand, I hope to gain a greater understanding of the culture of Thailand and Buddhism, as I just got a glimpse of how lost the sweet people of this country are. I get the opportunity to travel and visit a variety of Thai churches and participate in children's ministry. As I am called to missions and have a heart for kids with special needs, it is also my goal to see what it would be like to start an orphanage in another country.

I also get to travel and minister to a variety of cities. These include Bangkok, where we will spend most of our time, Chaing Mai, Udon Thani, and Sri Chaing Mai.

On my last trip to Thailand, my heart broke for the people there. It is on this trip where I will strive to gain a better understanding of God's people and evangelism.

I have a goal to raise $3000. Your donation will be towards the great cause of our outreach to Thailand! I need 30 people who are willing to sponsor $100 or a gift of any amount would be a tremendous blessing, to provide for my travel, necessities, and offerings in the country. Thank you for your continued prayers and support over this next journey in my life!