Asking in Jesus Name for Help for medical Expenses

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Goal : USD $100,000
Raised : USD $650

John 15:16 " Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you"

Marcelo has dedicated his life to helping others & a firm believer in Jesus Christ. He is a loving husband, excellent father & grandfather, and friend to all he has met. He has always gone out of his way to help provide for individuals within the community. He has a total of 7 Children & 6 Grandchildren that love him very much. He has 2 beautiful biological children and 5 other non-blood related children he chose to help & raise in order to keep them out of dangerous abusive situations. On a daily basis he goes above and beyond for people within the community, whether it be helping with clothes, shoes, blankets, coats, help with fixing something in their homes, mowing their grass, plumbing, and now he is in need of help although he will not ask for it.

My husband Marcelo was taken to the ER on 1/2/2022 due to him having major problems breathing. When his oxygen level was tested it was at 46% (normal oxygen level is 94-100% range). They immediately took him to the back placed him on a Bipap machine with his oxygen level setting at 100% and began to run all sorts of tests on him. I almost lost him.

His diagnosis was pneumonia with COVID19. They were able to get his oxygen level back up to the 94% range while he was on the Bipap 100% level setting. Each time they tried to reduce his oxygen level setting his oxygen saturation level would drop drastically. They said he would have to be transferred & admitted to a nearby hospital for care. 

My husband has been in the hospital continuously since 1/2/2022. Praise Jesus Christ above he is getting better but is not out of the woods yet. While he is still currently in the hospital, I have found out that for the treatment from 1/2/2022 alone the cost is $5,963.64. This does not include any of the other 10 days nor any future days he remains in the hospital. 

I have been told by the nurses & doctor he may have to have oxygen, breathing treatments & other medications once he is released to come home. At this point they do not know when his projected date of release is.

I normally do not ask for help, as we are used to being the ones helping others, however due to this turn of unexpected events I am reaching out with the prayer that someone will be able to help raise the money needed in order to help my husband cover his medical bills & medication he will need once he is released. He has no health insurance. 

If the amount of the bill from the 2nd is reflective of what his hospital bill is going to be then his bill is already standing around $59,636 & not including however many more days he will be hospitalized nor any medications & oxygen he may need. Realistically his medical bills alone will come to over $100,000. 

While he is in the hospital fighting to get better, he has no idea that medical bills are already coming in. I do not want him to be worried about how he is going to get his medications or the hospital bills that are already coming in, so I have chosen not to tell him so he can focus on getting better and coming back home to all of us that love him. 

I am unable to go into the hospital and visit with him due to COVID19 protocols, which is very strenuous on the entire family. We have never been apart for this long of a period of time. We are only able to speak over the phone & with him on the Bipap machine it is very difficult to understand him.  I get updates every couple of hours by calling the nurse that is over his care at the time. 

I am praying to raise enough money to cover the medications he will need when released, as well as his hospital bills so when he does get released, he is able to have his needed medicine, supplies (such as oxygen) and not have to worry so much about how he is going to pay the hospital bills. At this time, he once again has no idea about the costs racking up & I pray he will not have to. 

I am asking for help in Jesus Name. If you are unable to help financially, then please keep him in your prayers which is the most important thing, and please share this with others that may want to help. 

I have the hope & prayer that once he gets out, he will see others out there in the world care as much about him as he does for everyone he meets. Thank you so much for your prayers and your gift. No amount is too small. I pray that Jesus blesses you 10-fold over whatever you are able to give. I will do my best to update you on a daily or every other day basis of how he is doing. 

Thank you so much for your time, your gift of prayers, your help financially, as well as helping me to share this fundraiser. 


Update #1
January 13, 2022
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8:45pm Marcelo is resting, he is still on the Bipap machine at 65% oxygen level setting, his oxygen saturation rate is at 88%. When he was placed for 15 minutes on 15L of high level oxygen through his nose to be able to eat his saturation rate went down to 80% at lunch time. His Blood pressure is in the normal range at 114/80 as of 8:45pm. Marcelo was off of his IV for approximately 11-13 hours due to complications with his IV. They finally got him back on his IV medication and fluids at 6:45pm. He is able to eat and ate approximately 90% of his dinner this evening. 

I spoke with Marcelo earlier and he sounded completely exhausted and worn out, he was unable to stay on the phone with me for more than 3 minutes. Please keep him and our family in your prayers. They are still not allowing me to go into the hospital room due to their COVID protocols. 

Thank you, 



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