8:45pm Marcelo is resting, he is still on the Bipap machine at 65% oxygen level setting, his oxygen saturation rate is at 88%. When he was placed for 15 minutes on 15L of high level oxygen through his nose to be able to eat his saturation rate went down to 80% at lunch time. His Blood pressure is in the normal range at 114/80 as of 8:45pm. Marcelo was off of his IV for approximately 11-13 hours due to complications with his IV. They finally got him back on his IV medication and fluids at 6:45pm. He is able to eat and ate approximately 90% of his dinner this evening. 

I spoke with Marcelo earlier and he sounded completely exhausted and worn out, he was unable to stay on the phone with me for more than 3 minutes. Please keep him and our family in your prayers. They are still not allowing me to go into the hospital room due to their COVID protocols. 

Thank you,